#YouthChallenge: Collaborative Artwork Catalogue



To encourage young people, especially high school students who have an interest in the arts, as well as engage actively with social movements through their artistic creations and creative expressions, Pamflet has conducted a series of collaborative art activities called Youth Challenge in December 2021. Youth Challenge activities were divided into two phases: the first phase which focused on strengthening the understanding of tolerance, pluralism, gender equality and social inclusion (GESI), and an understanding of artivism, and the second phase which went in-depth in the process of planning and creation of artistic works of art.

Pamflet selected participants in four different categories for each provinces. There are music, literature, visual arts, and performance art for South Sulawesi. There are visual arts, performance art, digital visual arts, literature for East Java. Dance, music, prose, and mural for West Java. Each province proceed with the collaboration process with different dynamics. Some went by grouping each art, while some others combine different art approach to explore the media. During the process, Pamflet with Art Facilitators and Field Officers provide mentorship, guidance, time and resource for the participants to collaborate to planned, developed, and produce their artwork.

e-book-Katalog-Youth-Challenge-2021-Collaborative-Artwork-Catalogue.pdf (169 downloads)


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